Melanie’s Interview

Meet Melanie.She is a very pretty girl who is just coming into foot fetish. Melanie is the hot girl with beautiful feet who never receives compliments about them. One thing she got was a foot massage. So fans, you can at least know one of the things we want girls such as Melanie to experience, she experienced. Now…as for other things, you will have to see her interview to find out about them. One really interesting thing Melanie is how much she resembles Ruby. Their mannerisms were similar too, and both of them love flip flops. So if you were a fan of Ruby, you will definitely be a Melanie fan for a long time to come! She also resembles Natalie whose screencap is near the top of the page on the Workout Girls Feet clip store. So if you liked Ruby and Natalie, then Melanie is them plus much, much more!!! Note: I almost couldn’t stop sniffing Melanie’s stinky Nike Shox.

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